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FANSEAT new home for BAUHAUS Leage action internationally

June 10, 2021 at 4:30 PM

Live broadcasts of the Swedish Elite Series Speedway have moved from ESS Play to FANSEAT (available worldwide outside Sweden and Poland)

This season, FANSEAT (www.fanseat.com) is the official broadcaster of the Swedish Elite Series Speedway for international fans living outside Sweden and Poland*. Access to FANSEAT’s online streaming platform is available for only 9.99€ per month, which allows you to watch every match this season, available live and on replay. There is no long-term commitment required, you can cancel at any time. Pay-per-view is also available at 4.99€ per match.

In addition, FANSEAT is the international broadcaster for the British Speedway league (available to fans outside the UK and Ireland) and the French Speedway league (available in all countries), which are both included in your subscription!

You can also choose the all-inclusive FANSEAT subscription for 14.99€ per month, which gives you access to all content on the platform, including ice hockey, football, basketball and more.

ESS Play and FANSEAT are both managed with StayLive’s customer management system, so you should be able to login on www.fanseat.com using the same account and password that you used last season for ESS Play.

Visit www.fanseat.com/speedway/ess for more information, to view all the upcoming matches and to watch highlights from last season.